University of Missouri Kansas City

Ryan Wright, M.B.A.

Emerging Healthcare Technology Executive, Focused on Generational Blockchain Value

About Me

Ryan is deeply committed to harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry. With a focus on radiology, he advocates for a sustainable and patient-centered approach, ensuring that individuals have full ownership and access to their medical imaging data. Ryan’s mission is to leverage blockchain’s potential as a tool for positive economic change, fostering a healthcare environment where data privacy and patient empowerment are paramount.

Certified Digital Asset Manager



Chief Executive

Blockchain integration in healthcare; DePIN solutions for CDAA Clients, and utilizing 5G, IoT, and vehicle data. We also explore decentralized solutions for individual needs.

Blockchain in Healthcare Today

Missouri Ambassador

The world’s first peer reviewed journal that amplifies and disseminates distributed ledger technology research and innovations in the healthcare, information systems, clinical computing and network technologies and biomedical sciences sector.

St. Luke's Health System

Medical Support Specialist

Over a 20-year tenure at Saint Luke’s Health System my journey has been one of continuous learning and leadership, while my focus has always been on enhancing radiology services, from streamlining real-time assemblage processes to leading PACS administration. Receiving the 2018 Future Leadership Award was a highlight, recognizing my commitment to healthcare quality and technology. 


University of Nicosia

MS - Distributed Ledgers & Tokenized Systems

Western Governors University

MBA - Healthcare Administration

University of Missouri Kansas City

BA - Literature