Building Bio-Asset Banks

We are building for the healthcare problems of future generations & TODAY.

Join Nvlope on it’s mission by collecting your human artifacts (digital records) to take charge of your healthcare data! Provenance through Privacy, Intelligence through Decentralization.

Ask your radiologist today.

You Don't Own Your Medical Records


Breaking Down Information Silos

All interactions with the healthcare system create digital artifacts, that are valuable not just for the hospitals operations, but population, and individual patient health outcomes as well.

Today that data is so secure that no one can access it, least of all the patient. Our current approach is consistently delivering inefficient outcomes across the industry.

With Nvlope's Digital Artifacts, You Do!


Distributed, Encrypted Storage

web3 technologies like blockchains & NFTs enable our current digital artifacts to be secured in a user owned cloud database; giving patients the power to bring their records from one medical institution to another.

Ask your radiologist if they can mint your records today, and secure your healthcare data with Nvlope.

Ryan Wright

With over 20 years of servant leadership in healthcare, Ryan focuses on remote patient monitoring and service improvement, advocating for the integration of mindfulness and hospitality in healthcare practices.

His vision encompasses the transformative power of blockchain and emerging technologies to reshape economic models and enhance patient-centric care.